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Important Notice - A new search experience is available 

We have been working hard to bring you a mobile friendly and more seamless court records search experience.  We are pleased to announce that we have launched this new experience as a module on our Public Records Hub http://records.manateeclerk.com  If you already subscribed to the hub for Official Records access we should be able to activate your existing account for Court Records searching, if not you can register for a new account.
Read More about gaining access to the new search experience here:
Complete Public Subscriber Self Registration for Court Records here: https://records.manateeclerk.com/CourtRecords/ElectronicAccess/PublicSubscriber

Electronic Access to Court Records

The Florida Supreme Court has authorized the Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller to provide the public with electronic access to many court records, indexes and dockets as well as non-confidential document images through this website as provided by law. Note: F.S. 28.2221(5)(a).


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(Non Attorney of Record)

Based on the identity of the user and their relationship or role, the law provides various levels of access to court records for attorneys, parties, governmental agencies, and law enforcement. This access is provided by entering into a Subscriber Agreement.

Attorney of Record
Court Records Search

Party Access - Access by written application is provided to indexes, dockets and images not sealed by the court where the user is a listed party in a case. By selecting this access, the user agrees to these terms and conditions.

Party Access

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Mandatory e-filing begins April 1, 2013 for Attorneys


Notice of Confidential Infor-
mation Within Court Filings

The Florida Supreme Court has issued Opinion No. SC08-2443 regarding the Implementation of Committee on Privacy and Court Records Recommendations – Amendments to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure; The Florida Rules of Judicial Administration; The Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure; The Florida Probate Rules; The Florida Small Claims Rules; The Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure; and the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure.

Effective 10/1/2011, this opinion and the rule contains requirements and rules for filers in some court actions.   The opinion is available for review at www.floridasupremecourt.org /decisions/2011/sc08-2443.pdf

Reassignment of 2009 Circuit Civil Cases 




Value of Real Property or Mortgage Foreclosure Claim Form

Important Notice to Attorneys Filing Foreclosure Actions in the 12th Circuit